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COVID19 OFFER June 2020

​As advertised on social media - to support businesses and individuals returning to the workplace -  the first 10 organisations to book our 'Improve Your Sleep' workshop for online delivery will receive 70% discount

Improve Your Sleep - Energise Your Life

Sleep is vital for maintaining both physical & mental health. Sustained poor sleep is linked to difficulties such as low mood, irritability, reduced concentration and relationship problems, as well as reduced energy and motivation.

Difficulties with sleep are common - it is thought that up to 30% of the population are experiencing sleep difficulties at any time, including insomnia.


Whilst there is no instant fix; evidence-based CBT approaches are highly effective in support individuals to make changes in behaviour and thinking which can improve sleep quality and sleeping patterns.

Up to 30 attendees 


Please speak to us about larger group sessions

Half Day Workshop

Attendees will be introduced to the theory and principles of the process of sleep and develop an understanding of lifestyle factors which influence the quality of sleep. 

Within the session we also support attendees to assess their own sleeping patterns and introduce CBT-based techniques which are proven effective in improving sustained sleep difficulties.

Cost: £499

(VAT exempt)

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