Before you spend on training ...  make sure you know what you really need !

WELLteam  is our solution to effective workplace training


By starting with our initial WELLteam assessment you can identify the specific needs of your team, increase engagement and avoid wasting resources on ineffective and unnecessary training.

Our training offers a flexible approach with a range of workshop options to meet the needs of your organisation, as well as the option of designing bespoke training where required. 

We offer additional support outside of training sessions to promote integration of skills and continued professional development.

WELLteam helps to inform your training plan and significantly reduce the cost of purchasing ad-hoc training throughout the year.


I worked with Michelle and Becca at Aspire to carry out a WELLteam assessment for my whole staff team. I found them both to be professional, engaging, informative and extremely supportive. They worked with me to ask questions that were specific to my organisation in addition to those relating to wider individual wellbeing. The process was simple, and they provided my team with an online link to access the questionnaire. The results were professionally presented in an informative, interesting and easy to understand report format. The follow up meeting we had to discuss the results was excellent, giving me lots of ideas to work on in the areas the assessment had revealed.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Aspire and the WELLteam assessment process.

Rachel Kelly, Chief Executive, Women’s Health Matters.


​​Our WELLTeam assessment gives you:

  • An anonymous health and wellbeing survey for all members of your organisation/team

  • Analysis of results along with a detailed written report identifying strengths and areas of need

  • A wealth of evidence-based recommendations for changes you can make yourself to support health & wellbeing

  • Guidance on how best to invest in training which would have the most impact for your organisation

From £249 (vat exempt)


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Our Training


Examples of our workshops are outlined below. We can also work closely with you to design bespoke training to meet the specific needs of your team identified in the assessment or which exist in the context of your industry.

Understanding & Maintaining Wellbeing

Managing Stress & Burnout in the Workplace

Improving your sleep with CBTi

Managing Anxiety & Worry in the Workplace

Mental Health in the Workplace 1 -  Awareness & Understanding

Mental Health in the Workplace 2 - Responding to and Managing Mental Health

Providing Effective Supervision

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