Save time & money

Support ongoing development beyond  training sessions

benefit from training tailored to your organisations needs

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At Aspire, we understand that no two organisations are the same and the skills, knowledge and challenges faced by staff will be unique to you.


We bring our expertise in effective training and learning together with your goals for workplace productivity and wellbeing. This enable you to select a training package which makes effective use of attendee’s time and provides them with relevant and applicable skills which directly relate to the needs of your organisation.

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An Investment you Cannot Afford to Overlook

Supporting employees to develop skills which enhance their wellbeing and work-related performance strengthens the foundations of your organisation and promotes the development of a motivated, cohesive and successful workplace culture. 


The requirement to consider and support wellbeing is increasingly a legislative requirement for employers and research repeatedly evidences the benefit to businesses; with the suggestion that every £1 spent on employee wellbeing could be quadrupled in economic benefits.

Supporting personal development in wider areas, including resilience and reflective practice, empowers individuals with the evidence-based skills to respond effectively to challenges and change arising within the workplace whilst maintaining their individual wellbeing.

Our WELLteam  packages give you the benefits of:


An initial WELLteam health and wellbeing needs assessment

A flexible approach to training with a range of workshop options to meet the needs of your organisation 

Adaptable delivery schedule & group size to meet your requirements

Specialist training session to support effective leadership for supervisors and managers

Additional support outside of training sessions to promote integration of skills and continued professional development

Significantly reduction in the cost of providing ad-hoc training throughout the year

Available as in-house or remote training

Strengthen your Organisation by Investing in Your Leadership Team


Managers and supervisors are vital role models within any organisation and influence up to 70% of employee motivation.


Research also shows that poor management style is blamed as the main reason for stress related absences. Many of those who supervise others are promoted into those roles without training to develop effective supervisory skill; contributing to stress and workplace challenges for themselves, their team and the organisation.


Not Just Training Sessions


We underestand that training sessions are only  the first steps of development and behavioural change.


We apply our knowledge and skills in adult learning to assist organisations to embed post-training maintenance provisions.


This includes active learning strategies, personalised action plans and the option to introduce action learning groups; shown to enhance team performance, problem-solving and reflection as well as developing mutually-respectful working relationships.

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