Why Aspire is the Right Choice

Aspire Training Solutions

We combine over 20 years experience in providing training, teaching and wellbeing interventions.

When choosing a training provider, you need to be confident that you are receiving quality service and value for your investment of time, money and resources.

We are passionate about supporting learners to develop skills and confidence through a supportive and enjoyable training experience, which recognises and values the diversity of skills and experience in the room.


Our clinical experience in evidence-based, low intensity cognitive behavioural approaches and our extensive knowledge of psychology, mental health and therapeutic interventions, allows us to integrate effective behaviour change methods into our teaching and learning practices.


We are also experienced university lecturers, holding teaching qualifications in adult education, which allows us to develop our training based on proven learning stratagies and integrate active learning methods to make training applicable and effective.


Our roles have also provided us the opportunity to develop and hone our skills in supervising and training staff, evaluating and developing learning content in a higher education setting and supporting the attainment of professional body accreditation.